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Indy Fire at Burlesque Hall of Fame

Indy Fire will be performing Thursday's Movers, Shakers, and Innovators with his ledgondary Cousin It act.

From its humble beginnings as the personal collection of Jennie Lee, the legendary tassel-twirler who first dreamed of a “Burlesque Hall of Fame” in the early 1950s, to its present-day incarnation as the world’s largest and most important archive of vintage burlesque ephemera, The Burlesque Hall of Fame has been one of the world’s only institutions dedicated to preserving the art, artifacts and traditions of this uniquely modern art form.

It was Jennie’s wish that this institution not only honor Burlesque’s memory, but also its future. A founding member of the Exotic Dancers League, she was devoted to keeping “the girls” together. As such, in addition to her dream of a world class museum, Jennie’s plans for the Hall of Fame included affordable housing for retired dancers, as well as a school for aspiring stripteasers, who could train there alongside Burlesque’s remaining greats.

Unfortunately, Jennie passed away before she was able to see her dream realized. However, thanks to her dear friend and fellow entertainer, Dixie Evans, it was far from lost. For 15 years after Jennie’s death in 1990, Dixie took up Jennie’s mantle, creating a museum in Helendale, CA, that became a pilgrimage site for not only previous generations of performers but the new generation of “neo-burlesque” performers looking to the past as a model for their own futures.

In 2006, the Burlesque Hall of Fame relocated from Helendale to Las Vegas, NV, in the hopes of establishing a permanent, first-rate tourist attraction and research/exhibition space for our one-of-a-kind collection. Since then, the museum has occupied a space in the Emergency Arts building in the Vegas Downtown, but only a small part of our several-thousand-piece collection was able to be displayed at any given time.

In 2016, we moved one giant step closer to our goal when we signed the lease on a new space in the heart of Las Vegas’ burgeoning Arts District. We moved the collection into our new home at 1027 South Main St, Ste. 110 in the fall of 2017, and the space will allow us to display far more of our collection, as well as offer areas for research and classes. Our grand re-opening is anticipated in early 2018! (The new location is open now, but in a limited capacity.)

For more information about The Burlesque Hall of Fame, visit the museum’s website at